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Mother Bear Complete Knitting Kit or Crochet Kit

The Mother Bear Knitting Kit is a great gift idea or an easy way to get started on your first bear. All proceeds support the Mother Bear Project.

Order online through PayPal:

Please read these instructions:

  • Please enter $24.00 on the PayPal page for each kit to be shipped within the U.S.

  • Please enter $30.00 on the PayPal for kits to be shipped outside the U.S.

Knitting Kit
Includes #7 needles, pattern, yarn, and a tag. The price includes shipping.

Crochet Kit
The crochet kit includes a G hook, crochet pattern, yarn and a tag. The price includes shipping.

Size of Bear
We must fit 50 bears in every box we send, so bears cannot exceed 12 inches from head to paw.

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