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     Issue 21: December 2013 • Visit Mother Bear Project online at www.motherbearproject.org
News from Mother Bear Project.

Mother Bear Holiday Ornaments
Give the gift of comfort
Support MBP by purchasing bear ornaments for your friends, teachers or grandparents. The purchase of every ornament will help us send 6 regular Mother Bears to children in Africa who are affected by HIV/AIDS.
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Sponsor a bear!
For 10.00 we will name a bear for the gift recipient and send a gift card out.
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Donations of Forever stamps are always needed and appreciated!

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Featured Mother Bear: Corinne Fourcade

Corinne Fourcade has always been curious about the world beyond her borders. Although she grew up in France, she says, "I got the traveling bug quite young."

After spending a year in Sweden when she was 18, she went to an English university, where she embraced her love for travel and new places by studying translation. She later moved to Germany, where she still lives with her family, but she never lost her interest for other cultures.

Undoubtedly, this curiosity is one of the reasons for her commitment to Mother Bear Project.

When Corinne discovered Mother Bear Project while scrolling through Ravelry - a social network for knitters and crocheters - one thing stood out immediately: "All the pictures of the children with their bears!"

"There are many charities out there, but rarely do you get to actually see your contributions with their recipients," she said. "From that moment, I knew that I'd be making bears, there was no going back! I started in January 2012 and I'm in it for the long run. I have no plans on quitting any time soon; next step is joining the 100 bear club."

Corinne bear


And Corinne is well on her way to 100 bears. She both knits and crochets bears, although she says she prefers to crochet: "I crochet bears faster than I knit them and can therefore make more."

As a mother of two young boys, like many mothers, Corinne often does not have the spare time to craft. Yet she makes every effort to knit and crochet, as she feels she has been lucky in her life, and it is her responsibility to bring comfort to the children who receive her bears.

"I am a mum and my life revolves around my sons, whom I love more than anything," Corinne said. "My heart breaks just thinking about what some children have to go through in their lives. If I cannot comfort them directly, at least my bears can help in a small way."

Of course, Corinne also loves to create bears because she has fun doing it. As she says, knitting and crocheting bears can be "addictive".

"The pattern is very simple, and after a few bears there is no need to follow the pattern any more, which makes it the perfect small project to take anywhere and start at any time," she said. "In addition, because of the simplicity of the pattern, it's a perfect creative outlet, allowing for all sorts of fun!"

Amy's Corner


Dear Friends,

Life is full of joyful surprises.

After reading an article 10 years ago about the horrific problem of baby and child rape and all the children who are affected by HIV/AIDS in Africa, I never imagined that my idea of sending comfort in the form of a bear would lead to seeing the best in so many people. I am so touched to see the love and care put into each bear, to sit month after month with people who gather just to sew hearts on every bear and join

the kind hearted volunteers who help pack them up so carefully for shipping.

Then there is the joy of the children who are receiving their first toy and perhaps their sole source of comfort. These little bears may lighten their hearts in ways we can only imagine. The pictures we receive only give us a glimpse, but we know the effect is profound. My heart is full.

Mother Bear Project will have a booth at Stitches West in Santa Clara, CA February 20-23. Please stop by our booth with a bear and we will get its heart sewn on and display it at the booth.

May your season be filled with joyful surprises,

Amy red flag

Kids playing with bears