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Response from Zambia

E-mail 5/14/03 from Mwelwa Mumbi in Lusaka, Zambia:    

"I am happy that I finally received the teddy bears.  I will make sure that I deliver them to the intended children.  

I thank you for the work you are doing.  I was so touched after reading the newspaper article. You are really doing a great work for the people of Africa.  Please continue with the work that you are doing."



Where do the Bears Go?

  • Chilanga, Lusaka - Mother of Mercy Hospice

  • Kabwe - Youth Football Tournament

  • Kitwe - YWCA

  • Kitwe - St Martin’s children home

  • Lusaka
    • Kabwata Orphanage and Drop-in Centre
    • SCZF
    • City of Hope
    • Flame Orphanage
    • Kondwa Center
    • Yasheni Multipurpose
    • Nyumba Yanga Orphanage
    • St. Mary's Parish - Community School, Matero Center
    • Mother Theresa Hospice
    • House of Moses
    • Messiah Ministries
    • Paediatric HIV Centre of Excellence
    • Tiny Tim and Friends Clinic

  • Distributed to the following locations in Lusaka by Tiny Tim and Friends.
    • Jon Hospice Ambuya Daycare
    • Chilenje Transit Home
    • Jeanne Mulenga's House of Hope
    • Rev.  Zimba's Transit Home
    • Children in Crisis

  • Lusaka and Copper Belt Province - Street children and other displaced children

  • Ndola - Vulnerable Orphans and Widows Society (VOWAS)

  • Solwezi - Chesire Homes

  • Wilderness Safaris - Lusaka

  • TICO Community School - Lusaka

  • Bauleni compound

  • Dedema School in Roma

  • Chipata - Chipata General Hospital

Bear Recipient

Bear Recipient

Bear Recipient

Mother Bear Project in Zambia

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