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Response from Swaziland

E-mail 4/10/05 from Mwana Bermudes, Mbabane, Swaziland:    

"Your bears are "empowering tools" that we assist to distribute on your behalf. They bring joy, hope, dignity and of course Mother Bears' love & awareness of the least privileged children of our Universe, all the way from the Amerikan to the Afrikan continent, wow! We feel humble and grateful to be able to do this work, thanks very much."


E-mail 4/23/07 from Amy Baker, Peace Corps Volunteer, Swaziland:    

"I am writing on behalf of the community of Mashobeni South, Swaziland, where I have worked and resided for the past two years as a Peace Corps Volunteer. Nelda visited Mashobeni last weekend to deliver bears to the pre-school students there, and the donation was greatly appreciated. Now 70 Swazi kids, many of them orphans and vulnerable children, have a teddy bear to hug every night before they go to bed. That, to me, is a wonderful thing. Thank you for all that you do and for bringing hope and love to so many children all over the world."

Where do the Bears Go?

  • Manzini - Gi Gi's Place

  • Manzini - RFM Hospital

  • Mpolongeni - Hope Heals Project

  • Ntondozi - Samukelwe Family Center/School

  • Ntondozi - Phumlani Pre-School

  • Nsoko - Ntuthwakazi Primary School

  • Mbabane - SACRO Center for Vulnerable Children

  • Mbabane - Government Hospital

  • Nhlangano - Ekuthuleni Mission Orphanage

  • Sitsatsaweni - Sitsatsaweni Primary School

  • Mantabeni - Mantabeni Pre-School

  • Engculwini - Joy Pre-School

  • Engculwini - Siyabonga Pre-School

  • Ezulwini - Mantenga Cultural Village

  • Ezulwini - 3 Pre-Schools

  • Nyanyali - Community Care Point

  • Usutu - Faye's Pre-School

  • Sithobela - 3 Neighborhood Care Points & Clinic

  • Siteki - Good Shephard Hospital

  • Siteki - 3 Neighborhood Care Points

  • Siteki - World Vision Pre-School

  • Lobamba - Community Care Point

  • Ngcina - Comunity Care Point

  • Fonteyn - 4 Pre-Schools

  • Mambatfweni - Community Care Center

  • Mahhashini - Community Care Center

  • Emphini - Emphini Pre-School

  • Mbabane - Baylor Clinic

  • Duvumbe Preschool - Nhlangano region

  • Settlement in Simunye

  • NCP's (Neighborhood Care Points) in the Sinceni community in the Lubombo region

  • Lowveld region - Cabrini Mission at St. Philips 

  • Pine Valley - Noah's Arch Preschool

Bear Recipient

Bear Recipient

Bear Recipient

Bear Recipient

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